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Your Innovation Toolkit.

Kick-start Innovation Today

We need to face the fact that credit unions are being left behind. The only way we are going to thrive as an industry is to start taking innovation seriously.


Of course, there are a few hurdles to overcome before innovation takes hold in credit unions. In order to help you kick-start innovation today, we have prepared the Credit Union Innovation Toolkit that includes everything you need to thrive in the Age of FinTech:

  • The Credit Union Innovation Playbook - a practical and easily digestible guide to making innovation happen in your credit union. Download here  

  • The 4-Step Process Innovation Process for Credit Unions Video Series. Especially designed for credit unions the short video series talks you through the innovation process step by step. Access here for free (no registration required)

  • Tools and templates referred to in the video series to help you manage the innovation inputs and outputs in your credit union

The Credit Union Innovation Playbook

The 60-page Innovation Playbook was written specifically for credit unions. The playbook covers :

  1. The 6 Myths of Innovation: One of the reasons so few
    credit unions embrace innovation is the belief that it is out of reach. If that's holding you back, let's blow these myths out of the water

  2. How to Build an Innovation Culture in Your Credit Union: We answer the question "So how can we build our innovation beliefs when we haven’t launched any successful innovations?"

  3. The 4-Step Innovation Process: We guide you through each step

  4. Ideation techniques: Learn great alternatives to brainstorming like S-C-A-M-P-E-R, mindmapping and Brainwriting

  5. Idea Testing - 6 ways to test your idea in just 7 days for less than $100

Download your Innovation Playbook free here.

The Innovation Video Series

The 4-Step Process Innovation Process for Credit Unions Video Series has been specially designed for credit unions. In the short video series you will learn how to start innovating today.  Access here for free (no registration required). 

Each video in the series is short enough to be easily consumed, but long enough to give you the key points you need to move forward. Click on the links below to view each video:

Innovation Tools and Templates

We are currently producing some useful resources so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel and save you time. If you want to be notified when they are ready just send me an email

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